Alfonso Gortázar. In albis


Catalogue of the exhibition Alfonso Gortázar. In albis, produced by ARTIUM of Alava, the first major exhibition in a museum of one of the main figures in Basque painting and at the same time one of the most indisputable representatives of figurative painting. The title of the exhibition refers to the continuous presence of blank canvases in the oeuvre of Alfonso Gortázar (Bilbao, 1955), especially from the mid nineties. On many occasions the painter has been portrayed (or self-portrayed) in front in a reflexive pose, apparently “in albis”. A lecturer in Painting in the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of the Basque Country, Gortázar’s work has developed steadily over the years but until now has not received the recognition he deserves. Since the mid eighties, Alfonso Gortázar has maintained a clearly recognisable artistic style with references to the traditional Basque art of Arteta and Zubiaurre, as well as allusions to a number of the figures of the Impressionist movement and other connections to avant-garde artists such as Matisse. Gortázar vindicated colour and composition in his paintings, in which landscape, precarious buildings (slums, tents) and personages, very often self portraits, are essential elements.

Información de interés

Technical Sheet: Softback catalogue (25 x 25 cm), with 118 pages, including colour illustrations. In Spanish, Basque and English, with texts by Juan Manuel Bonet and Galder Reguera.
Exhibition: from 2006 February 1 to Juny 10
Publication year: 2007
ISBN: 978-84-934856-6-5



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Alfonso Gortázar. In albis

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