Cannibal Palimpsest. Enrique Chagoya


Catalogue of the exhibition Cannibal Palimpsest. Enrique Chagoya, published by Artium of Alava. Chagoya combines characters from comics, cartoon films and popular culture with figures drawn from the worlds of politics, art history, the economy and religion, to which he adds others that he himself has invented. As a result, he creates an imaginary on numerous levels in the manner of a palimpsest, which is rewritten in his own work and throughout the exhibition

Información de interés

Technical Sheet: Softback catalogue (29 x 24 cm), with 237 pages, including colour and black and white illustrations. In Basque, Spanish and English, with texts by Blanca de la Torre, Lorena Wolffer, Mariana David, Peter Selz, Robert Storr and Sarah Kirk Hanley. With a Chaglossary by Blanca de la Torre



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Palimpsesto Canibal