Luis Gordillo XXL/XXI


Catalogue of the exhibition Luis Gordillo XXL/XXI, published by Artium of Alava. Luis Gordillo XXL/XXI shows the prolific creative output of this artist from Seville. The exhibition began a year and a half before its opening during a visit to Gordillo’s studio. It was here that the artist suggested the basic structure of the project and the selection of works to be included, the main aim being, in broad brush terms, to transpose the kaleidoscopic image of Gordillo’s studio to the exhibition space, in other words, to present Gordillo’s work less mediatised or influenced by interests other than those of the aesthetic experience, his creative reality at the present time.

Información de interés

Technical Sheet: Hardback catalogue (27 x 24 cm), with 129 pages, including colour illustrations. In Spanish, Basque and English, with texts by Enrique Martínez Goikoetxea and Juan Francisco Rueda.

Exhibition: from 9 April to 24 August 2014

Publication year: 2014



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Luis Gordillo XXL/XXI