Compendio Analítico Gliscromorfo ARTE (CAGARTE)


This book by Alvarez Rabo is a “thoughtful and sarcastic visual essay about the art world. (...) With the skill of a conceptual microsurgeon, Álvarez Rabo dissects all those who form part of the art world and the relationships they establish with each other”. The tensions between Alvarez Rabo and Andy Pestillejo, director of Hartium Museum, provide the context of CAGARTE, a “thick, dense, wet and horny mix that – to make things even juiciery – is seasoned with the passions, envy, revenge, arrogance, ladder crawlers and bastard acts that are so common in the human race”.

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Hardback publication (25 x 25 cm), 208 pages with colour illustrations. In Spanish. Texts and illustrations: Alvarez Rabo. Preface: Fernando Castro Flórez.



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