Disorder. The Curious Case of Dishevelled Art


Catalogue of the exhibition Disorder, published by Artium of Alava. The title of the exhibition refers to the writer Arthur Rimbaud, the disheveled teenager who in the second middle of the XIX Century promoted a new poetry based in "the derangement of all senses". The poetical aspiration and the sense of unstability are the common features of the 26 works chosen for this exhibition. They all integrate in the broad space of the North Gallery, that, for the first time is shown without added walls or other ornaments, with the intentioned and just apparently "disordered" context.

Información de interés

Technical Sheet: Softback catalogue (23,5 x 17 cm), with 147 pages, including colour illustrations. In Spanish, Basque and English, with texts by Daniel Castillejo and Eduardo García Nieto

Exhibition: from 2014 october 10 to 2015 august 30



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 Disorder. The Curious Case of Dishevelled Art