Feria. Iñaki Larrimbe


Catalogue of the exhibition Feria. Iñaki Larrimbe, published by Artium of Alava. Feria is a kind of funfair created by an artist and is designed to be set up in an art centre or museum. It is thus aimed at an audience that generally visits such amenities given over to art and cultura. A free publication accompanying the exhibition catalogue is This is not another boring art catalogue, also by Iñaki Larrimbe, in which the artist invites readers to delve into five of his projects that are interwoven with his autobiography.

Información de interés

Technical Sheet: Softback publications (21 x 15 cm), with 79 and 109 pages and colour illustrations. In Spanish, Basque and English, with texts by Iñaki Larrimbe (Feria) and by Iñaki Larrimbe, Rubén Díaz de Corcuera, Mery Cuesta, Juan Ibarrondo and Arturo/Fito Rodríguez (This is not another boring art catalogue).

Exhibition: from May 17 to September 1 2013

Publication year: 2014



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Feria. Iñaki Larrimbe

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