Catálogo Juan Carlos Meana NOS [YO ]OTROS


Catalogue of the exhibition Juan Carlos Meana. NOS[ YO ]OTROS, published by the Artium Museum. In this exhibit, Meana reflects on the connection between the individual and the community, as well as the limits of the individual identity, whether in relation with the interior or the exterior of oneself. The exhibition displays a great number of the artist’s recent pieces, along with various references to earlier periods of his work. NOS[ YO ]OTROS is curated by José Ángel Artetxe and produced by Artium.

Información de interés

Hardback catalogue (24,8 x 17,5 cm), with 277 pages, including colour illustrations. In Basque, Spanish and English, with texts by José Ángel Artetxe, Fernando Illana and Juan Carlos Meana.



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Catálogo Juan Carlos Meana  NOS [YO ]OTROS